Hey Walgreens: Pap smear, please!

Remember when Fox & Friends said that we didn’t need Planned Parenthood because we could go to Walgreens to get pap smears? Yes, that actually happened.

A few ladies had a simple and brilliant idea about how to fight back ala Stephen Colbert: with humor.

This Saturday, grab some friends, a flipcam (RIP) or your trusty video-capable smartphone and head to your closest Walgreens. (If you don’t have a Walgreens nearby, just hit up your local drug store chain). Head inside and kindly ask the folks behind the counter for a pap smear, please – because you heard that’s one of the things their store offers.

Record your entrance, their reaction and the subsequent conversations (which are bound to bring the lolz). Check out the Facebook event if you want more details and/or a place to share your clips.

Spread the word, it’s Pap Smear Saturday! (If you tweet about it, use the #papsmearplease hashtag so we can track folks getting involved).

People are already talking about it:

3 responses to “Hey Walgreens: Pap smear, please!

  1. Oh my gosh I love this (and your blog)! I hope some local news station get wind of this (The Frisky already did) and more people realize that women’s health consists of more than tampons and midol.

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